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We provide a broad range of cloud services, including compute, analytics, storage and networking using Microsoft SQL and Azure working seamlessly through our client Software using MS Remote Desktop Services virtual channel

You need Cloud based computing using Windows, IOS or Android Apps?
If the answer is 'Yes', then you are in the right place. Give us a call at (215) 742-5555 or email us at to start a fruitful conversation!
 ITpros2000, Inc. has provided Information Technology Services to various small businesses over last twenty three years. We are known for fast custom development to meet small business specific IT needs.
 Expert Staff:   A Service Company is only as strong as the resources it employs. Our Owners and employees are all individually dedicated to our organization and are allowed a great deal of latitude in creating solutions for our clients. All ITpros2000 technical employees have a over 30 years of Real World IT experience. They are consistently involved with Research & Development to keep up with the fast moving world of Information Technology.  We are able to provide a complete range of reliable and accurate solutions quickly, allowing our clients to implement the solution that is best suited to their needs.  We combine this talent with ITpros2000 time-tested approach to systems and software consulting to create the most comprehensive Software value for our clients.
All projects are done on a Fixed Cost basis. All costs and time table guidelines are mutually agreed upon before the start of any work.  Cost or time overruns are not tolerated.
Client confidentiality is Paramount.  Any information or Customer Databases are the property of the respective Client and therefore treated with the utmost confidentiality. Any information pertaining to our clients is kept in complete secrecy. In fact, we will not release the names of any of our clients without their expressed written permission.
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Outsourcing vs. Out-tasking:  Whether you are a Check Casher looking  to  completely outsource your IT support needs, or need to supplement your local IT entity with a high level knowledge of your system, ITpros2000 Service Plans are able to provide the right solutions for your company.  Customers who have local Tech support professionals but may not fully be able to handle the complexity of your system setup can qualify for discounted rates over our standard pricing to reflect their ability to field many of the lesser support issues. No matter what the situation, our staff is capable of dealing with high-end Computer Professionals, desktop support professionals, or even end users.
Guaranteed Response:  Our help desk is staffed from 9AM to 5PM Mondays through Fridays for immediate response to "Software Down" emergencies that might prohibit you from conducting business.
Proactive Maintenance with Service Plan:  As our Maintenance Plan provides a fixed cost for Unlimited Remote Login or Phone support, we are compelled to ensure that the frequency of "emergency" calls is  low as possible.  This translates into ITpros2000 performing proactive work on your system to help prevent potential problems before they occur. Furthermore, in an effort to provide the highest quality of service, we maintain an extensive record of all contact and actions taken by our employees, allowing our staff to be effective in resolving your problems and at the same time documenting support history to be used in preemptive maintenance thus improving your network performance.
Outstanding Value:  One of the strongest benefits of our Service Plan is our ability to provide fixed systems support costs and decrease your system's Downtime and protect your Data.  We are also able to provide substantially faster results than the industry average.  This translates into a greatly lower cost structure for your organization than could otherwise be obtained.
ITpros2000 Service Plans come bundled with the ITPros2000 Software tools such as MultiLevel Backup, OFAC Compliance, Bank Lookup, Demographics Analysis tools, Custom Reports and Queries output to MS Excel to meet State's, Banks or IRS requirements.


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